A beginner’s introduction to the ubiquitous algorithm


Speech recognition comes in almost all of the most modern technologies, from phones to smart speakers to cars. However, most have little understanding of how this software is able to sort through sounds and distinguish real words from them. My aim for this investigation is to walk through a short historical introduction to speech recognition, Markov Models, the speech recognition method, and finally, some simple Python code to begin writing your first speech recognition program.

Shoebox speech recognition software made by IBM.


Although speech recognition has only recently become a large part of modern technology, people have been developing these models since the 1950s. These early speech…


Wikipedia, a platform that needs no introduction, is a staple of the internet. Anyone somewhat interested in a topic can instantly search for it and read an in-depth article about it with sources included. Often, people may find themselves in a so-called “Wiki-rabbit hole” where they read a page and continuously click on different links, leading them to more related information. However, a user needs to click on a link that is directly linked on the Wikipedia page. What if a Wikipedia article could list a variety of related pages that are not directly listed by the page?

The goal…

Colin Salama

Colin is a Data Scientist based out of Brooklyn with a passion for using Data and Statistics to solve real world problems.

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